Karsistant Vehicle Management

Ready to take all the frustration and annoyance out of dealing with your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or RV?

Lets face it, not everyone has the time to deal with getting their car serviced, or look for a new ride,

and not everyone has the knowledge to know if they are getting taken advantage of at the repair shops.

Karsistant is here to make your life easy!

Karsistant is an EXCLUSIVE group, meaning we don’t have thousands of clients at a time. We limit our yearly memberships to ensure that each customer and car gets the time and care they need, with zero frustration!

With a small monthly fee, we handle all the hard and boring stuff when it comes to dealing with your car. 

Each car gets its own Karsistant Advisor, to make sure you only deal with one person from beginning to end on your repair, buying, selling, or other needed service for your vehicle!

Our team of knowledgeable people with decades of experience will act as a middle man, giving you only the facts and the best pricing possible for what you need.

We only hire experienced mechanics and service advisors for our team who have knowledge and experience, who are given tests to ensure that the correct information and processes are followed!

Click the link at the top of the page to sign up for your account today, and

Once you are signed up for Karsistant, contact us with the Year, Make, Model, Last 6 of the VIN, and mileage of the cars you want covered on your plan,

as well as with what you need in the automotive world done on your vehicle, including

  • Repairs and restoration
  • New and used purchases
  • Lost titles
  • Sales, including writing your for sale ads and filtering out the time wasters
  • Towing and transport
  • General questions

and anything else you may need!

Our team will find the best info for you and stay in touch with you via email, text or call depending on which subscription you have purchased, until the request is completed and you and your car are happy.

there is no limit to monthly requests!


”My car won’t start, and I don’t have time to figure out why. How can you help?”

No problem! Depending on what level of membership you have, email, text or call us and we will arrange the shop to fix it, the tow truck, and your Uber (if needed) to get you to work.

There is a weird noise coming from my car. I’ve been taken advantage of in the past by mechanics and don’t have a ton of money to get it fixed. How would your help be any different then just googling a shop?”

We hire only mechanics and service advisors to our team with extensive knowledge, so all you would have to do is contact us, and we will find a trustworthy shop in your area and monitor the repairs and recommended services to make sure you only spend what you need!

”do you guys pay for the repairs, Rideshares and towing?’

Customers are responsible for paying all fees directly to the companies associated with repairs, towing, rideshares, etc unless otherwise arrangesd with a Karsistant advisor. You are only paying us for your monthly or yearly fees.

”I have a large car collection and each car needs some work, or maintenance. Can you do them all at once?”

We can handle as many cars at a time as you have the funds for, our biggest account once had 39 cars in progress at one time with 20 different repair shops. 

I am worried my car will get lost in the shuffle and I wont’t get emails back, like dealing with a car dealership.”

That will NEVER happen at Karsistant. We assign individual Karsistant advisors to individual cars, also, we limit our memberships to less then 1000 a year, to make sure that each car and customer gets the time and devotion needed to make the repair, sale, purchase or other vehicle need as easy as possible. Become part of our club today! 

*customers are required to directly pay the shops for repairs, individuals or dealerships for purchases, or vendors for parts, unless otherwise arranged between Karsistant and the individual*

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