Datsun 510 520 521 Carpet Kits and Floor Mats Available! 68-73 65-72

Get your carpet kits and floor mats for your Datsun 510, Datsun 520, Datsun 521 here!

For over a decade we have been producing Carpet kits for your classic Datsun, and we have decided to open our books for those in need. Over 500 pieces sold!

510 kits come in two pieces in an unbound, unbacked cut-pile carpet in black, grey, blue or red (other colors may be available, ask!).

the 520 and 521 Kits are the same material and specs as above, except they come in 7 pieces.

The carpet kits are budget minded for those with daily driven Datsuns or part time show cars. They may require trimming on the edges to install, and its recommended you install with upholstery adhesive over a sound deadener. Basic instructions are included.

For those looking for a more showy and expensive look, edge binding and loop carpet are available for extra cost.

We also have carpet floor mats with the Datsun Logo available to finish off your interior, in several colors! Universal size to fit all Datsun models including 240Z, 620, etc! Just the two front floor mats! (rears are available at additional cost)


68-73 510 Carpet, $140

65-72 520/521 – $210

Datsun Logo Floor mats $125

Contact us in the ‘Contact us’ Section at the top of the page or one of the buttons a the top and bottom of this post with your specifications and ZIP code to receive your invoice!

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