Movie Car Sourcing/building in Utah

From a very young age, our owner was fascinated with the cars used in Movies and on TV. Watching ‘Bullitt’, ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, and ‘The Fast and the Furious’ in his teens made him wonder what it would take to be those people who make cars for movies. After a few roles for independent movies, we have decided to open our books for those who need help like we did in the beginning, finding those cars that are as memorable as those lead roles by the stars of the show!

Whether you need just an ordinary sedan for a smaller role, a repaint and lowering for a teenage boy-racer, or a full custom vehicle that will end up as a poster on your wall, we can help you!

We can also source or recreate the parts needed to finish your replica!

Please contact us with your needs, no project is too small or large. Able to work nation wide, but based out of Davis county, Utah.

Click the link below to contact us with your needs!

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